Tips For Coping With The Stress Of Your Child's Allergies

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If your child has chronic allergies, you, as a parent, are likely under a great deal of stress. You have to make sure that your child has the medications that he or she needs to function during the day. You might be up with an uncomfortable child all night. You might have to be constantly vigilant about what your child eats or have to take a lot of time off to go to doctor's appointments and be earning less money.

6 October 2016

Four Bad Habits That May Make Your Lower Back Pain Worse

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Does your lower back often throb and pulsate with sharp pain and stiffness? Visiting your chiropractor regularly is a good step to keep the pain at bay. But you may unknowingly be engaging in certain daily habits that are making your pain worse between appointments. Here's a look. Hunching over the steering wheel. What's your posture like when you drive? Do you bend forward at the waist, hunching over the steering wheel as you sit in traffic?

28 September 2016

Asthma, Mold, And Your Child: Managing The Problem

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Mold is a major health problem that causes a variety of concerns, including severe allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. If your child suffers from problems with asthma, it is important to understand how mold can affect it and what you can do to avoid it. Places Your Child May Run Into Mold Mold is a common trigger of asthma attacks, especially if your child has a negative mold allergy. There is a variety of places that your child might be running into mold, including:

23 September 2016

Three Reasons Physical Therapists Should Outsource Medical Billing

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If you are a physical therapist who has just begun private practice, you are probably very excited to start helping patients. What you may not realize however, is that for each patient you help, you will need to submit a claim in order to get paid by their insurance company for your services. While this seems easy enough, the more patients you see, the more time-consuming this can become. And when claims start getting denied, it can get all out frustrating.

1 September 2016

Learn How A Gynecologist Can Help Single Dads With Daughters Who Are Entering Into Womanhood

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Being a single father to a little girl can be very difficult because there are going to be times in your daughter's life when she will need the advice of a woman. When your daughter hits puberty, it is important for her to talk to someone who can guide her through some of the changes that her body will go through and ways to properly handle the transformation into womanhood. If you do not know any women that you can let your daughter talk to about the changes candidly, consider taking her to a gynecologist to get a checkup and to have the conversation she needs to have.

19 August 2016

Can Aqua Therapy Help Asthmatics?

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If you suffer from asthma symptoms, then you may find exercising difficult. In some individuals, exercise can trigger an attack even if they don't have asthma problems otherwise. Because of these attacks, or a fear of having one, you may have decided that exercising is too much trouble. However, with the right therapist, aqua therapy may be a good option for you. What is aqua therapy? Aqua therapy is the process of doing certain exercises in water to help with certain health conditions.

22 July 2016

How To Determine If You Need Inpatient Or Outpatient Treatment Services For Drug Addiction

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Addiction treatment centers provide two forms of treatment for patients. You can choose to sign yourself in for inpatient treatment services or you can choose outpatient services for your drug addiction. Here is how to determine if you need inpatient or outpatient services, and which will work better for you. Inpatient Services Inpatient drug addiction treatment centers include detox rooms, daily group therapy sessions and daily or weekly individual cognitive therapy sessions.

22 July 2016

3 Risks Associated With At-Home Teeth Whitening

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As you peruse the dental hygiene section of the drugstore, you will see many teeth whitening products. There is no doubt that many of these products can work to some degree or another. They usually contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a well-known whitening agent. However, there are some risks associated with using over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Read on to learn more about these potential side effects. 1. Irritation And Burning

6 July 2016

3 Common Questions People Have About A Gastric Balloon

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There are so many different ways that people can lose weight. While different methods work better for different people, a very effective way to lose weight is to reduce the size of a person's stomach. This allows you to feel fuller faster, so you are going to eat much less food than you normally would. This can be done both surgically and non-surgically. For those who don't want to go through a surgical procedure and recovery, getting a gastric balloon is an excellent alternative.

27 June 2016

Does The Egg Donation Procedure Hurt?

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Many women who participate in egg donation (click here for more information) find themselves wondering whether or not egg donation is painful or uncomfortable. These are natural questions that can influence a woman's decision to donate eggs. It's important to know the likelihood of discomfort and potential problems that can occur during the process. Does the egg donation procedure hurt? Egg donation can be uncomfortable. During the procedure, patients are placed under sedation, so they do not experience pain while the procedure is taking place.

20 June 2016