Know The Truth (About Flu Shots)--It Just Might Set You Free (From Miserable Illness)

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What's your stand on flu shots? There is much misinformation about flu shots, made all the more of a hot topic because the CDC issued a statement that this year's version is not going to protect you from the current strain. What are the myths--and the truth--about flu shots? Should you still get one this flu season? Myth #1: The flu shot doesn't work. Your coworkers or friends may wave you off when you tell them you are going to get a flu shot, assuring you that the vaccine isn't effective.

30 December 2014

3 Ways To Control Holiday Stress To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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If you have long suspected that holiday stress may take a toll on your heart, then statistics prove your suspicion correct. Not only do more heart attacks occur during the holiday season than during any other time of the year, but heart attacks that occur during this time of year can also be more deadly. Stress during the holiday season can cause your blood pressure to rise, which can cause many heart conditions to worsen.

26 November 2014