Key Steps To Protecting Your Baby's Teeth

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Baby teeth bring on teething, fussing and drooling. But those small teeth are also carving out a path for eventual adult teeth to grow into place. And proper oral healthcare from the infant stage can leave your child with a set of beautiful, healthy teeth well into adulthood. What are the key steps to protecting your baby's teeth?

Establish an Oral Health Routine 

You should develop an oral health routine for your baby even before the first tooth comes in. Buy a soft, infant-safe toothbrush and use an infant-safe fluoride toothpaste to massage both the gums and any teeth as they emerge. Do this once or twice a day, ensuring that one of the times is right before the baby normally falls asleep for the night. Following this routine will keep harmful bacteria out of your baby's mouth, where it can damage the teeth and gums.

Watch the Diet

Babies should have a well-rounded diet that doesn't include any artificial sugar and limits natural sugars such as those found in applesauce. Keeping your baby healthy with veggies, small amounts of fruit and healthy meats and starches, when appropriate, will all in turn promote better dental health. That's because even mild malnutrition or vitamin deficiencies can contribute to oral health problems and dental damage.

Find a Pediatric Dentist

You should find a pediatric dentist for your baby soon after birth and make an appointment as soon as the first tooth emerges. A pediatric dentist, such as North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry, has received more specialized training into the unique circumstances surrounding the growth and maintenance of baby teeth. Starting your baby's appointments with the first tooth, and returning for checkups every three to six months, ensures that everything is growing in correctly and your baby's mouth remains free of disease or potential problems like impacting teeth.

Teach Protection and Prevention

As your baby grows older, stress the importance of proper oral health care. Work with your pediatric dentist to teach the proper procedures for brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Encourage your child to wear teeth protection during sports or physical activities from an early age. Baby teeth might not seem important, but breaking them can still cause a deal of pain and discomfort. And the impact can cause damage to the tooth's routes, which can in turn make it more difficult for an adult tooth to grow into that space.

Dental health care is vital for your baby's future health. Follow these key steps and your baby will always have something to smile about.


3 January 2015

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