Custom Computer Glasses Can Relieve Eyestrain


You've been experiencing significant eyestrain lately when you spend time working on the computer. Although you wear glasses, you still sometimes have trouble focusing clearly on text on the screen. You may benefit from getting prescription eyewear known as computer glasses. These eyeglasses have some particular qualities that make them advantageous while gazing at a computer screen.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Eye doctors refer to the unpleasant eye-related symptoms that develop while spending time on the computer as computer vision syndrome. You might experience: 

  • dry, itchy eyes
  • tired eyes
  • floaters related to dry eyes
  • red eyes
  • blurred vision
  • headaches
  • neck and back pain from improper posture while trying to see the screen clearly

Initial Steps to Resolve CVS

The first step involves making sure your current lens prescription is up to date. Vision ability tends to change over time, and even slight changes can cause eyestrain at the computer. If you're at an age where presbyopia typically begins, you may have age-related difficulty in close-up focusing. Getting new glasses might resolve your eyestrain.

In addition, modify your work space as much as you can. If you can move your computer screen further away or closer to you, experiment with that and see whether you have a decrease in CVS symptoms. If you're working on a laptop, consider buying a separate keyboard so you can move the screen back a good distance. 

Customized Computer Glasses

Computer screens are typically set at a distance that's further away than normal reading distance. This intermediate vision zone isn't addressed specifically with the usual corrective lenses, which are designed to help people see distant objects or to focus on close-up materials -- or both. 

Prescription computer eyeglasses will correct your vision at the distance to your computer screen. Before your appointment, you'll measure the distance from your eyes to the screen and bring that information to the eye doctor. Eye doctors generally recommend having special anti-glare coating applied to the lenses for best results.

What Can You Do Now?

Set an appointment with an eye doctor for an exam and vision test. Include the test for the intermediate distance involved with computer viewing. If you need new lenses, get them now and see whether this eliminates your symptoms of CVS. If not, you can order your customized computer glasses afterward. Try an optometry clinic such as Bergh-White Opticians, Inc. to find a pair that works for you. With these steps, you'll be able to spend hours on the computer once again without eyestrain. 


13 January 2015

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