Starting The New Year With A New You: How To Get Your Perfect Physique

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While New Year's Eve has come and gone, the new year brings you new opportunities and a fresh start. Among the goals you set for yourself, a new and improved body and physique is chief among them. This goal is common to be sure, but successfully achieving that goal is a rare occurrence to be sure. In order to be a success story rather than find yourself making the exact same resolution next year, there are some steps you can take to assist you in your endeavors.

With intense dedication and a few tricks up your sleeve, you will have your perfect physique before you know it:

Hire a Nutritionist and a Trainer

First and foremost, in order to be successful in your endeavors, you need to face the reality that you cannot simply go it alone. When you are only accountable to yourself, you are more likely to give yourself a pass and skip your workouts or break your diet. And once you fall off the weight loss wagon, if you have nobody else watching out for you, you are less likely to hop back on. 

So, rather than give yourself the opportunity to give up before you even get started, you should take it upon yourself to hire a nutritionist and a trainer to help you with your goals. A nutritionist will help you to determine your dietary needs and develop an eating plan that suits your needs and takes into account your food preferences, allergies, and dislikes. 

Your trainer will help you begin a workout regimen that will get you where you want to be and will be customized to your tastes and starting capabilities and health levels. They will also keep you going to the gym even on days when you simply do not feel like it. Having someone to answer to will keep you on track. 

Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are a long way off from your goal, and your weight prohibits you from losing the necessary weight with simple dietary and physical activity changes, you may need medical interventions to help jump start your weight loss needs. Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that physically makes your stomach smaller by isolating a small pouch at the top of your stomach. Your small intestine is then rerouted to connect directly to that small pouch. 

Thus, you will not be able to eat as much as you once did following gastric bypass surgery and the rerouting of your small intestine prevents you from absorbing as many calories and nutrients from the food you eat. This helps to fast-track your weight loss, allowing you to lose weight and get healthier faster. 

In combination with healthy eating and regular workouts, these steps will allow you to start out the new year on the right track. So, do not put off the start of your journey towards achieving your goals for the new year. Get started right away. To learn more, contact a professional like Iqbal Nauveed MD FACS with any questions you have.


20 January 2015

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