2 Ways To Relieve Irritation From Oxygen Therapy

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If a health problem has caused you to need oxygen therapy, you may feel a lot better using it; however, you might be left with irritation to your throat, skin, or mouth. This is quite normal, but there are ways to relieve these irritations. Because oxygen is highly flammable, you must be extremely careful with what you use to soothe the dryness in these areas. Here are two safe ways you may find relief from this type of irritation.

Humidify the Air

One of the reasons oxygen machines cause irritation to the throat, skin, and mouth is because of the dryness in the air. As the machine pushes oxygen into your nose, you are breathing in air that might be extremely dry. A simple fix to this problem is to add humidity to the air, and there are two ways to do this:

  1. Purchase a humidifier for the oxygen machine – Almost all oxygen machines have humidifiers you can add to them, and many machines already come with humidifiers. If you are currently using one of these and are not getting enough relief, you can add humidity to the air in another way.
  2. Run a home humidifier – A home humidifier is a device that contains a tank. You must place water in the tank and turn it on, and the machine will then push moisture into the air in your home.

When using either of these devices, always use distilled water. Using tap water can cause problems if your water has minerals in it. You should also clean the tank out weekly just to make sure it is clean.

Use Lubricants

The second safe way to eliminate the irritation is through lubricants. A lubricant is a product you can place on your skin to add moisture to it. When using an oxygen machine, it is very important to avoid any type of lubricant that contains oil. Oil-based lubricants may be flammable, and you must stay away from all flammable materials when you are using oxygen. Instead, look for water-based lubricants, such as Aloe Vera gel.

You cannot insert lubricants in your nose, but there is another way to soothe dryness of the nose. Saline solution is an inexpensive, safe product you can use for nose irritation, and squirting this in your nose will moisten it.

If you would like to learn other ways to relieve the irritation you are experiencing from your oxygen machine, talk to your healthcare provider about this. 

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26 January 2015

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