Can I Get Acne Treatment During Pregnancy?

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Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant and while thrilled, find yourself wondering what medical and beauty routines you will be able to keep up? Have you had severe problems with acne your entire life and are worried about what going off your acne treatment program will do to your skin? While acne treatment may not be the first thing that crosses a woman's mind when she gets a positive pregnancy test, it will likely come up at some point. Acne treatment is possible during pregnancy, but the methods of doing so can be different than what you are used to.

Things to Avoid

While there are prescription medications that can be taken for acne treatment, these medications are generally not recommended during pregnancy. For example, Accutane, which is a medication used for severe acne, should be used only when not pregnant. In fact, a patient must have a negative pregnancy test within one week of beginning the medication. Other prescription acne treatment methods that are not recommended during pregnancy include Isotretinoin, Retin-A and Tetracycline. These medications are not recommended due to possible side effects that could lead to birth defects.

Treatments to Try

There are a few over-the-counter products that can be used as acne treatment during pregnancy. Topical creams that include benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid are considered relatively safe, as only a small amount of the medication is actually absorbed into the skin. However, these ingredients have not had extensive testing as acne treatments during pregnancy, so always discuss any options with your doctor.

At-Home Remedies

While at-home remedies may not help severe acne, there are a few things that can be done in lieu of acne treatment during pregnancy. Women should avoid washing their face or body too often, and make sure that the skin is completely dry before adding any moisturizer. Washing no more than two times, unless there is heavy sweating, is the recommended amount. Cleansers should be oil and alcohol free, as well as non-abrasive. Also make sure not to pick at any acne, as it could become worse.

If you are suffering from severe acne and want to continue with acne treatment during pregnancy make sure to talk to your doctor about your options. Doing so can not only ensure that you are able to enjoy clear skin during your pregnancy, but it can also help ensure that you have the safest and healthiest pregnancy possible.


5 February 2015

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