Alternative Treatment Options For Psoriasis

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When you suffer from a chronic skin condition such as psoriasis, you find yourself seeking out any and every possible treatment and solution to the problem. Psoriasis currently has no known cure, so treatment focuses more on treating flare-ups and trying to prevent them. While conventional medicine offers some options including topical steroid creams, and oral medications, there are also a variety of alternative treatment options available for your psoriasis. So, get to know some of these alternative options and give them a try to relieve some of your psoriasis symptoms. 

Capsaicin Treatments

Capsaicin is an element found naturally in spicy chili peppers. It is actually the component that adds that heat or spice to the chili peppers. This substance can also be used for skin care and psoriasis treatment. 

Capsaicin, when applied to the skin, blocks nerve endings in your skin. This prevents you from feeling the pain of your psoriasis flare-ups and can provide you with some relief from your discomfort. Capsaicin may also be able to reduce the redness and inflammation of your skin that occurs during flare-ups. So, look for skin creams and lotions that contain capsaicin for your psoriasis outbreaks. 


Many people would not think of acupuncture as a remedy for skin ailments. However, acupuncture can help to treat some of the underlying causes of flare-ups. 

Acupuncture uses tiny needles inserted into specific points throughout the body to treat different problems and illnesses. The philosophy that underlies this practice is that the body is a system of energy. Imbalances and blockages in the movement of energy causes health problems and stress. 

The use of acupuncture needles helps to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. Because psoriasis flare-ups are often brought on by extreme stress, acupuncture can help you to manage and reduce your stress and therefore reduce flare-ups as well. So, if you want to give acupuncture a try, be sure that you schedule regular appointments for stress management. 


When you are sitting at home, you want to try to relax and de-stress so as to keep yourself from getting more painful and itchy psoriasis flare-ups. To help you do this, you can use essential oils for aromatherapy.

The easiest way to do so is to purchase a diffuser. This will disperse the essential oils into the air in your home so that you can comfortably breathe them in while you sit and unwind after a long day. Essential oils that you can use are rose, lavender, and chamomile as these are soothing, relaxing scents. 

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, but this does not mean that you have to be perpetually uncomfortable. Use these alternative treatment options to help you treat your psoriasis symptoms and prevent future flare-ups. Talk with a doctor like Henry D. McKinney M.D. to see if these methods can help you.


2 April 2015

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