Need An Independent Medical Exam? A Few Tips To Being Prepared For It

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When you have been injured in an accident that involves an insurance company, you may have to have an independent medical examination by a doctor the company chooses. This may make you feel uncomfortable. Before you make the appointment, there are a few things you can do to make sure things go to your advantage. The better prepared you are, the better the whole experience will be and your injuries will be better disclosed for your settlement.

Read Your Policy

Many people do not bother to read the entire insurance policy. When you need to have a medical exam, there are limits to what it can cover. You need to be sure you understand what the doctor needs to check. The exam is not a complete physical. The only area of concern should be the parts that pertain directly to your injuries. Also, make sure the policy states that the insurance company pays for the exam, and that you only need to have one done by a doctor that is not your own.

See Your Own Doctor First

You should make an appointment to see your own doctor first. This can be a more thorough exam, but ask him to highlight the injuries incurred during the accident. This way, if the other exam was quick and you feel it was inconclusive, you can show the insurance company—and the court, if it comes to that—the conflicting information.

Take Someone With You

When you go for the independent exam, take a friend or relative along with you. If there is any question as to what was said or done, you have a witness. This can be helpful when the doctor is not paying attention to what you are saying and just going through the motions of an exam. It can also help you to feel more comfortable and the person can remind you of specific concerns you may have forgotten to mention.

Get a Copy of the Exam

You want to have a physical copy of the exam and the results of any tests that were ordered. The more information you have, the better you are prepared to discuss the injuries with the insurance company or your lawyer.

The doctors that do independent medical exams for insurance companies are very good doctors. However, they see accident injuries all the time and may not pay attention to special concerns or problems you may have. Make sure you prepare and have all your questions ready before you show up so that you can get the most accurate information possible. This will help the insurance company when it comes time to make an offer to cover the expenses you incurred due to the accident.

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17 April 2015

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