3 Choices Of Stair Lifts You Can Choose From

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Are you in the marketplace for a stair lift, but are not sure which one is the best match for your needs? Then take the time to familiarize yourself with the different types of stair lifts that are out there (such as those offered by All-Star Lifts). By doing so, you can make an informed decision regarding what stair lift is most suitable for you. With that thought in mind, here are 3 of the most common types of stair lifts that you'll come across.

1. Standing Stair lift

While a stair lift with a seat is more convenient it is not always possible to have one installed, because of space-related limitations. Therefore, if you have a narrow staircase, then your only option might be a standing stair lift. However, a standing stair lift can only be installed if there is adequate headroom throughout the staircase.

Standing stair lifts do have the advantage of being easier on your back and knees, because you don't need to sit up and down into a chair. Also, such stair lifts have handlebars and a small ledge for adequate support. Therefore, falling off the stair lift while in motion will not be a problem.

There are some instances where standing stair lifts can be a health hazard. This is the case for those who have trouble standing up for a few minutes at a time, or are prone to dizzy spells.

2. Straight Staircase Seated Stair lifts

If you have a straight staircase that's relatively wide, then a seated stair lift is a good option. The stair lift will sit on top of a rail, and the ride should not have any significant vibrations.

The installation of such a stair lift can be difficult if there is a door directly in front of the stairs. In such a scenario the stair lift might be designed to go through the doorway before it stops. However, this option will be significantly more expensive.

3. Vertical Lift

If the staircase in your home is too difficult to install a stair lift on, then you can opt for a vertical lift. This type of lift will move through a hole in the ceiling, and in the process transfer you from one floor to the next.

The rails that the lift moves along will need to be attached to a wall. This option is mostly used by wheelchair users that find it too difficult to transfer into a stair lift seat. The biggest disadvantage of this lift is the high cost of installation when compared to the other options.


2 June 2015

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