3 Things To Discuss With Your OB-GYN Before Delivery

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As you get closer and closer to delivering your baby, you will likely have a lot of questions about your delivery. Many, if not all, of these questions can be answered by your OB-GYN. You can make a point to ask your doctor all of these questions when you go in for one of your weekly appointments at the end of your pregnancy. If you have some questions but are worried that you may be forgetting others, this article will help you. It will discuss 3 things to discuss with your OB-GYN before delivery. 

Whether Or Not You Want An Epidural

If you are on the fence about whether or not you want an epidural during delivery, or if you want to know more about what goes on when you use an epidural, then your doctor will be a great help to you. They can explain to you that the epidural is given in your spine, and that it will numb your legs so that you will either slightly feel them, or you won't feel them at all. This numbing will take away the pain of the contractions. This numbness is great because you will be able to experience contractions and even push your baby out without feeling anything but pressure. The epidural will leave your legs feeling heavy though, and because of this you will be unable to walk leading up to your delivery and for a while after your have delivered your baby. Epidurals may not be covered by your insurance company either, so that is something to consider. 

What To Expect When It Comes Time To Push

Most women are unsure about what to expect when it comes to push, and asking your OB-GYN can help you to feel better prepared. They will explain to you that your experience pushing will be slightly different depending on whether or not you have an epidural. If you are having your baby naturally, you will get push pains that will let you know when you need to push. When these pains come, your nurse or partner will count for you as you push for a designated amount of time. You will generally push 3 times in a short period of time, and then take a small break. If you have an epidural, you will push the same way, but will be told when to push because you will not feel the push pains. 

Reason Why You May Need An Emergency C-Section

There is always the chance that you may need an energy c-section, so it is good to know why beforehand. Your doctor will explain to you that you may need an emergency c-section if you are in labor for an extended period of time without any progress. You may also need a c-section if your baby is in distress at anyway, because this will be a much safer option for your baby. 

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