5 Ways to Prevent Blisters on Your Feet


Blisters on the feet can become painful if they are not taken care of in the proper manner. If you are suffering from blisters on the feet, then here are some ways in which you can stop them from getting worse or prevent them from occurring in the future.

 Tape Up Before Hiking or Jogging

To prevent your feet from blistering during hiking or jogging, you need to eliminate friction. Use duct tape to tape up your toes. You can also tape up the heels and the balls of your feet with the duct tape to prevent blistering.

Powder Up

A highly-absorbent powder is a good choice even if you use lubricant on your feet. A highly absorbent powder will absorb the excess moisture on the feet that can cause friction that can lead to blisters.

Choose the Right Socks

An oversock can be used in rainy or cold weather to keep moisture off the feet when you are running, walking or hiking. High-technology oversocks may be a bit more expensive than regular ones but are worth it, especially if they are waterproof.  If you don't wish to buy oversocks then you can find socks in running and camping stores that absorb moisture. These socks contain an extra layer to reduce friction against your shoes. The socks usually contain yarns that will reduce heat buildup which can lead to excess moisture that causes blisters.

Eliminate Dust and Grit

Dust and grit can get into your shoes or boots while running or walking and lead to blisters. If you are going to be walking or running in a dusty area, the best way to prevent dust from getting in your boot or shoes is to use gaiters over the top of your shoes. You can purchase these online or at shoe stores.

Buy Special Laces

Laces that are strung too tight or that are laced in a particular way can cause pressure points on the feet. These pressure points can cause your feet to blister. If your shoe laces are causing you to blister, then you can try using special laces that do not need to be strung and contain material that adjust to fit your movements.

Blisters on the feet can turn into painful sores if you are not careful. However, with a little extra care and by using the methods outlined above you should be able to eliminate and prevent blisters from forming on your feet. If you have any excessive blisters or suspect you have a foot injury, consider calling a local podiatrist, such as Family Foot Center Podiatry Group Inc.


15 December 2015

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