Improving Bathroom Safety For An Elderly Person

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If you have an elderly person living within your home, and they have mobility issues, you may want to take some steps in helping them get around to decrease the chance of an injury. Elderly people become injured in the bathroom more than any other room in a home. Because of this, some precautionary steps can be taken to help minimize this risk. Here are some steps to take in the bathroom to make it safer for an aging person with physical difficulties.

Add Additional Lighting

If the bathroom is not well illuminated, there is more chance of a slip-and-fall accident. Having ample brightness in the bathroom will be a big help as the elderly person will be able to see where they are placing their feet when trying to get around. Rather than relying on a ceiling light, use wall sconces and floor lights to make the area brighter where the person is stepping. Have a night-light installed for late night visits as well.

Install Rails To Steady

Hand rails can be a great addition to a bathroom used by an elderly person. They can be easily grasped to help them regain footing if they are unsteady on their feet and they can help ease them off and on a toilet or in and out of a tub. Have the elderly person sit on the toilet and hold a rail nearby to see what height feels comfortable for then to use for hoisting themselves up. Do the same near the bathtub. These can be easily installed yourself. Select a contrasting color from walls so the rails are easily seen by the aging person.

Consider Hiring Help

Having a home health aide come to the home can be beneficial for the older person. They can hold off on bathing until their helper arrives, giving them the peace of mind needed that they will be able to get in and out with assistance. The home health aide can help with other tasks in the home at this time as well.

Replace The Existing Tub

There are several senior bathtub models available on the market that help someone with mobility issues when it comes time to bathe. Walk-in tubs have a hinged door on the side, allowing the person to walk into the tub instead of having to step over a porcelain wall to do so. There is usually a seating area for the person so they do not need to submerge themselves into a lying down position.


3 February 2016

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