Four Bad Habits That May Make Your Lower Back Pain Worse

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Does your lower back often throb and pulsate with sharp pain and stiffness? Visiting your chiropractor regularly is a good step to keep the pain at bay. But you may unknowingly be engaging in certain daily habits that are making your pain worse between appointments. Here's a look.

Hunching over the steering wheel.

What's your posture like when you drive? Do you bend forward at the waist, hunching over the steering wheel as you sit in traffic? You should really be sitting back with your shoulders square against the seatback, just as you would in an office chair. Many people have decent driving posture when things are calm but start hunching in heavy traffic or when they become stressed. So from now on, when you hit a traffic jam or feel a touch of road rage, remind yourself to sit back and stay tall.

Failing to dissipate stress.

As you become stressed out, the muscles in your body tend to clench and tighten up. This includes the muscles in your lower back. If you just allow the stress to build and build day after day, your back is going to get tighter and tighter. So, take a few minutes to dissipate your stress and refocus your mind every day. You may have to experiment to find a stress reliever that works well for you. Some people like listening to calm music, while others like doing yoga. Still others prefer some vigorous exercise like running or cycling.

Falling asleep on the couch.

Do you fall asleep watching TV on the couch before later crawling up to bed? Perhaps you just nap on the sofa or your recliner. Sleeping on anything other than a supportive mattress is almost certain to make your lower back pain worse. Even if your back doesn't feel bad as soon as you awake, the pain and stiffness may set in later in the day when you attempt to use your back muscles more. Get into the habit of sleeping only in your bed—and make sure it's updated with a firm or semi-firm mattress in good shape!

Carrying a heavy bag.

Whether it's a shoulder bag with your laptop or a heavy purse, slinging a heavy bag over your shoulder every day could be putting uneven pressure on your spine, making your lower back pain worse. Try to pack as light a bag as possible. Leave the non-essentials at home! Alternate shoulders each day so neither is forced to carry the brunt of the weight, and if you really have to lug around heavy items, consider doing so in a pull-along bag or a backpack (with a strap for each shoulder).

For more tips for keeping your back pain at bay, consult a chiropractic professional such as Anthony Iuzzolino DC.


28 September 2016

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