3 Things Every Married Couple Needs To Know About A Happy Marriage

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Many people go through life wondering if they will ever have a happy marriage. It may seem that all marriages are doomed for failure, so you simply accept the belief that you can't control how happy your marriage will be. This is a fallacy and shouldn't be adopted by married couples. There are things that you can do, if both spouses are committed and ready, to make your marriage wonderful. Here are some tips.

1. Ditch The Idea That You Have To Agree On Everything

One common misconception that many people have is that they need to agree with their spouse on everything. They might have the same argument over and over and hope that one day their spouse will see things their way and agree with them. However, that is not realistic. Instead, the best marriages are the ones that understand that you don't have to agree you simply have to manage the differences. If you can recognize that your spouse will believe differently than you on certain things and respect their point of view and learn to live with it, you will be much happier. You can't change your spouse, so it is better to just accept the differences.

2. Every Couple's Sex Life Will Ebb and Flow

There will be times in your marriage when you and your spouse will both be highly sexually charged and you will enjoy a very lively sex life. Then there will other times that one or both of you will have less motivation and you may find that the frequency of sex is much less. This doesn't mean that your sex life is no longer healthy. You can have a healthy sex life so long as you are talking about it often. If one spouse is unhappy with the frequency then it could become a problem, but if both spouses are satisfied even though it is less than normal, it is fine. Don't worry that the "spark" is gone or that you no longer are attracted to each other. Just recognize that you are in a down time.

3. It Is Ok To Have Friends Outside Of Marriage

When you first get married you might believe that your spouse needs to be everything for you. Although they can fulfill one of the most important parts of your life, they don't need to be your girl friends, guy friends, family, lover, and everything else. It is healthy to have friends on the side as well that can give you things your spouse can't. This is not the sign of an unhealthy marriage.

By understanding these things you can strive for a healthy marriage even if it doesn't look like you thought it would. For more help, consider marriage counseling at a clinic like Psychological Associates of Pennsylvania PC.


6 October 2016

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