Suffering From Facial Redness? You Might Have Broken Capillaries

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If your face has suddenly taken on a reddish hue that continues to get more severe over time, there's a chance that capillaries in your face may have broken. This problem can be embarrassing, but laser surgery can help eliminate its appearance.

Red Faces Are Often Caused By Broken Capillaries

When you suffer from a red face (such as minor Rosacea), there's a good chance that broken capillaries are the culprit. These are the smallest blood-transporting vessels in your body, and it's not uncommon for them to breakdown over time. While not dangerous to your health, it can lead to a changed facial appearance.

This is especially true of the capillaries in the nose, which may be be broken if you suffer from a broken nose or a serious impact. Before moving on to your treatment method, it's worth understanding if broken capillaries are a more serious problem and how you can temporarily alleviate facial redness.

Understanding The Severity Of The Problem

Broken capillaries aren't typically a major health problem. They don't really degrade or cause any major problems beyond your red facial appearance. Treating them with certain kinds of simple procedures, such as using concealer or vitamin A cream, can help decrease their appearance a little; however, these treatments only serve as a cover for broken capillaries. They don't actually make the situation any better, which is why you should get real medical help. Thankfully, laser treatments have been created to help manage the problem.

How Laser Treatments Help

Lasers have been used to treat a wide range of health concerns and have been adapted to treat broken capillaries in the skin. This treatment is fairly simple: It requires using a laser to target the capillary directly and to cause it to clot. This will cause the body to absorb it, eliminating its appearance.

This might seem dangerous, but it's actually not a concern. The capillaries that are being absorbed are broken and not transporting blood anymore. Getting rid of them, therefore, won't affect your health. If necessary, your body can actually create new capillaries if it needs more, especially if you exercise.

As you can see, laser surgery can be a powerful way to eliminate facial redness. Talk to a doctor, such as those found at Eastern Carolina Ear Nose & Throat-Head, about laser treatment before investing in it, as it may not be fully covered by your insurance provider.


6 October 2016

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