Make Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery More Convenient And Comfortable

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While recovering from breast augmentation surgery takes only a week or two and won't inhibit the ability to maintain your independence, it can be a bit uncomfortable – especially during the first couple of days. Here are a few things you can do to make the recovery process more convenient and comfortable throughout:

Shop for Special Clothes

For at least the first couple of days after surgery, you'll have to wear a special support garment that wraps the breast area at all times until your doctor tells you it's alright to take it off. You may even be asked by your doctor to wrap the area with extra gauze. To make yourself feel more comfortable and confident when in public or hosting visitors at your home, consider buying a few pieces of special clothing for this period of recovery.

Purchase one or two large sports bras that can be put on over your support garment, and a couple cotton tops that cover the entire breast area. This will enable you to be in front of people without feeling self conscious that they'll notice your undergarments.

Plan for Some Downtime

Too much movement during the first few days after surgery can result in bleeding into the pockets around your implants, so it's important to clear your schedule post-surgery and plan to spend two or threes just resting and relaxing. Put together an activity box to take advantage of during your downtime so you don't get bored and end up moving around more than you should. Pack crossword puzzles, books, and other sit-down activities you enjoy. Consider renting a few movies you've been wanting to see too. The movies will give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family.

Prepare an Exercise Plan

When you can start moving around more, you may want to incorporate some type of exercise regimen into your routine as you heal to keep yourself in shape. If you're into vigorous activity or those that require big movements such as surfing, bowling, tennis, or even golf, you should prepare an alternative exercise plan to use until your doctor says you can go back to your regular routine.

Choose morning and evening walks, light yoga sessions, meditation classes, or short sessions on the treadmill to take the place of your preferred activities to stay in shape without sacrificing your recovery progress.

Utilizing these tips and tricks will make the recovery process easier and more comfortable, which should help ensure that your overall experience is a positive one. Talk with an augmentation center, like Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting, for more help.


15 August 2017

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