How Can You Tell You Snore When You Live Alone?

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If you live alone, it might seem impossible to determine if you snore. After all, nobody is there to complain that you kept them up all night. Fortunately, some telltale symptoms can alert you to the fact that you snore at night, and this could allow you to actually do something about it. These symptoms are incredibly common in snorers.

Restless Nights

Some people actively remember waking up throughout the night and struggling to get back to sleep. This restlessness is often a result of snoring, even if you don't realize it in the night.


Do you feel extremely sleepy throughout the day? Feeling very sleepy could indicate that you have an issue like sleep apnea, which impacts the quality of your sleep and wakes you up often. While you may not remember waking up in the night, your body will still feel the impact the next day. This sleepiness can also culminate in the inability to concentrate at school or work.

Rising Blood Pressure

At your last doctor's appointment, your doctor may have told you that your blood pressure was high. If you have high blood pressure and several other symptoms on this list, your snoring could have a link. Of course, there are many other reasons for rising blood pressure you can discuss with your doctor if you don't have these other signs.


Are you having difficulty getting ready in the morning because your head hurts? Snoring could be too blame. You could experience a headache at any point throughout the day, but they are incredibly common in the morning.

Chest Pain

Sometimes, chest pain is also an indicator that you are snoring. If you do experience intense chest pain at any point, you should alert your doctor to your symptoms.

Sore Throat

When you snore, you are more likely to wake up with sore throats. Often, people who snore, gasp or choke throughout the night. This is typically linked to health conditions like sleep apnea. Some people actively wake up and realize what happened, but others don't realize anything was wrong until they feel sore the next day.

If these symptoms match up with your experiences, it may be time to do something about your snoring. You could have a sleep disorder, sleep apnea, or something else. Snoring clinical treatments are available to help you with issues like these. Make an appointment today to get started. 


11 May 2019

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