How Laser Hair Treatment Helps Young Men With Male Pattern Baldness Beat Depression

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Although many young men reach their 20s without any signs of hair loss, others will suffer from premature male pattern baldness. This situation can be very upsetting and even depressing for many young men. Thankfully, laser hair treatment may help.

Depression is a Common Side Effect of Hair Loss

Movies and television shows often try to make the case that early baldness is funny or a trait that makes a person worth mocking. This perception is unfortunate because there is nothing inherently wrong with a young man who loses his hair – most of the time, they lose their hair due to genetic predisposition. 

Unfortunately, young men losing their hair in their early 20s are more than aware of this perception and are likely to suffer from the potential for serious depression that could impact their personal development. For example, they may find themselves struggling with their self-esteem and finding it difficult to focus on their career or their education.

And this problem is likely to only worsen as a young man ages and loses more and more of his hair. At this point, they need to take the time to understand where their baldness originates and what they can do to manage this problem in a constructive way.

How Laser Treatment Helps

Many types of hair loss occur because of inflammation in the follicles that makes new hair growth impossible. Even those with male pattern baldness may suffer from this problem, and treating this issue can be a challenge. Thankfully, focused laser treatment can open up the follicles and help a young man regrow much – if not all – of the hair that he lost due to his male pattern baldness.

And once a young man who was formerly bald or losing most of his hair starts seeing his hair growing back, the chance of improvement in his self-esteem is huge. He'll not only look and feel his age again, but he will feel the warmth of hair against his head in a way that he might not have for years. Though this treatment doesn't produce immediate results, studies for long-term effectiveness have mostly been promising. 

So if you or someone you love is suffering from early male pattern baldness and suffering from depression as a result, you should consider laser hair treatment or other men's hair restoration treatment options. This hair restoration option may stimulate hair regrowth and help manage the danger of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues resulting from baldness.


7 June 2019

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