Diabetic Foot Care And The Importance Of Routine Podiatrist Services

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If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is vital to pay attention to the health of your feet. People with blood sugar levels that are not in control have a more difficult time healing from small cuts and infections. When you work with your podiatrist around better foot care, you are taking fewer risks with your overall health. While there is no specific cure for diabetes, diet, exercise, and good medical care can allow you to live a healthy, active life. Diabetes can begin to manifest symptoms in your feet such as numbness or tingling, pain in the legs, dry heels, skin cracks, and difficulty healing an open sore. When you have diabetes, see your podiatrist at least yearly, and every time you have a problem with your feet.

Check Your Feet Every Day

The earlier you catch any problems with your feet, the easier it will be to treat the issue. Check your feet every day for discoloration of the skin, cracks, and problems with your toenails. If you have any bruising, pay attention for a few days to see if it gets worse. If you have a cut or sore that doesn't heal after a few days, it's time to call your podiatrist.

Pay Attention to Your Shoes and Socks

Your shoes should fit comfortably, and the socks you wear need to be soft, thick and without seams. You don't want to have any reason for your feet to get a blister when you have diabetes. Get your shoes checked periodically to make sure they still fit you well. Over time, the shape of your foot can change and you will need new shoes.

Exercise for Better Foot Health

Take a walk every day to get your circulation going and improve your overall health. Even losing a few pounds can help reduce the strain on your hips, knees, and feet. Make sure that you are wearing shoes that are good for walking, and pay attention if you experience any pain or redness in your feet.

Wear Shoes in the House

Even if you love going barefoot, this is a bad idea when you have diabetes. You can get a cut or infection easily when you walk around without shoes, so keep your feet covered in the home.

Take good care of your feet and get help from your podiatrist whenever you have a problem. Go for yearly exams to make sure your feet are in good shape when you have diabetes.


12 September 2019

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