Tips to Help You Care for Elderly Loved Ones

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It's essential that the elderly in our lives get the assistance they need to live a healthy, worry-free life. During this stage in life, people like to retain at least some of their independence but may require help in a few key areas. As a loved one of elderly parents or other family members, it's important to understand what help is needed and find a way to assist them without taking away dignity and self-worth.

There a few areas where those 65 and over generally require assistance from others and understanding these needs can help you and your loved ones get the care and compassionate assistance needed to help them continue to enjoy life.

1. Assist with Medical Needs

Many elderly people rely on daily medications to help them maintain health or combat disease. This includes prescribed medication and doctor visits. Whether it's insulin to treat diabetes, high blood pressure medication, or other types of necessary prescriptions, the elderly often need help to remember to take medications or administering shots. They may require transportation to and from medical appointments.

2. Assist with Personal Care

Bathing, grooming, and other daily needs are also areas where the elderly may require daily assistance. Good hygiene is an essential part of maintaining overall health. Whether you hire an at-home care aid or you provide assistance, make sure the elderly parent or loved ones has someone he or she feels comfortable with to help with these daily necessities.

3. Assist with Transportation 

Many elderly people are unable to drive due to health issues, but it is important that the person remain active in their hobbies and activities. Whether it's going to church services, running errands of other essential appointments, it's important to provide the transportation as part of elderly care.

4. Assist with Meals

As a person ages, it's essential he or she has proper nutrition. Whether you create a daily meal plan and have foods ready for easy preparation good meals are important. Plan meals that are easy for the elderly person to warm up in a microwave. You can also plan to visit in the evening to cook a meal for supper time. Another good option for busy times is looking into programs that deliver meals to those in need.

5. Increase Their Safety

Taking care of an elderly loved one but allowing them some independence shows you care. So, offer help and ensure they have a safe home environment.

  • Install wheelchair ramps if needed
  • Place handrails in the bath and next to the toilet
  • Widen doorways in the home if needed

Anything you can do to make the home safe and hassle-free can help the elderly person maintain some sense of independence which leads to a happier life. For more insight, contact elderly care services like Polish Helping Hands.


26 August 2020

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