Need a Medical Marijuana Card? How to Avoid Mistakes During the Medical Evaluation

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If you're ready to get your medical marijuana card, it's a good idea to prepare in advance. Obtaining a medical marijuana card can be tricky, especially if you're not prepared for the process. Physicians who provide medical marijuana cards want to make sure that their patients aren't abusing the system. They also want to make sure that the patients they provide cards to will actually benefit from medical marijuana. Before you schedule your appointment, read the list provided below. These tips will help you get your medical marijuana card. 

Understand Your Medical Condition

If you need a medical marijuana card, make sure you understand your medical condition. The evaluating doctor will want to go into detail about your medical condition, including how your condition will benefit from medical marijuana. If you're not prepared with an understanding of your condition, you may not pass the evaluation. Before your appointment, do some research. Find out how medical marijuana will help with the treatment of your condition. The more details you can provide, the better chance you'll have of receiving a medical marijuana card. 

Let Your Symptoms Tell the Story

If your medical condition presents with visible symptoms, use that to your advantage. Try to schedule your evaluation when you're in the middle of an active flare-up. That way, your evaluating physician will be able to document your symptoms. This is especially beneficial for skin conditions such as eczema, or for psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression. If your condition doesn't present with visible symptoms, be sure to obtain a copy of your medical records from your primary physician. 

Avoid the Topic of Recreational Use

If you're trying to obtain a medical marijuana card, watch what you say during your evaluation. Your evaluator will be listening for anything that would cause a denial of your request. This is especially true where recreational use is concerned. Your medical marijuana card will not provide you with authorization for recreational use. If you talk about anything that may lead your evaluator to believe that you want to obtain medical marijuana for recreational use, your evaluator will deny your request. 

Know When to Get a Second Opinion

Finally, if your request for a medical marijuana card is denied, don't be afraid to request a second opinion. This is especially important if you know your condition would benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana. In fact, if it sounds like the physician conducting your evaluation is going to deny your request, cancel your appointment and schedule an appointment with a different physician. Not all physicians are willing to prescribe medical marijuana. You'll need to find one who is. 

For more information about the parameters for being approved for a medical marijuana card, contact a local service like Medical Marijuana Certifications LLC.


2 October 2020

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