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Previously, if one had a loved one cremated, it was necessary to store a memorial urn with care for years to come. These items could be difficult to take proper care of, especially as individuals move, families blend, and generations pass. There are now numerous additional options available for cremation urns and keepsakes. These add a bit of flexibility to the cremation process and provide individuals with unique ways to memorialize their loved ones. If you've been struggling with this decision, consider one of the following options: 

Outdoor Urns

Outdoor urns are a lovely option for individuals who prefer to be placed in a specific location after they pass, but who don't wish to be buried. These urns can easily be included in gardening plans or landscape design, making them an easy way to remember a loved one who's passed on. 

Urn Burial

If your loved one has been cremated, but you prefer not to store the urn in your home, it's always possible to have it interred at a local cemetery. Speak with the professionals at the cemetery or with a local funeral home to learn more about the details of having this task carried out. You can even plan a small ceremony if you wish. 

Memorial Glass

Memorial glass is made in the traditional fashion, but with a small amount of cremated ash included in the process. This provides you with an attractive glass ornament, memorial, or keepsake that helps you remember your friend or family member in a unique and special way. There are numerous memorial glass companies available, so if you have something specific in mind, reach out to one of them for assistance with your design.

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are very small and designed to only hold a tiny amount of your loved one's cremation ash. The remainder can be spread at a special location, buried, or placed in a larger urn. These small urns are available in a variety of shapes and may help families who don't have room to store a full-sized urn, or who do not wish to keep all of the remains in one central location. 

Cremation is a personal process, and so is what an individual or family decides to do with the ashes that remain. There are a variety of ways that you can memorialize your loved one. Whether you choose a piece of art, a special urn, or something else entirely, you'll have an important link to your loved one and a way to hold on to your memories. Contact a cremation service for more information. 


2 December 2020

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