The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Brow Lift

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If the upper half of your face has started to look a bit saggy and wrinkly, you may want to look into getting a brow lift. It's a relatively simple cosmetic surgery in which incisions are made along the top of your forehead, and the skin is lifted and tightened. Essentially, it is like a face lift, but it only addresses the top half of your face. A brow lift can be really beneficial, but it's still important to do your homework and consider the following pros and cons before you sign yourself up for the procedure.

Pro: Results are practically guaranteed.

With a lot of the other remedies for forehead and brow sagging, results vary. This is true, for instance, of filler injections. For some patients, they make a dramatic difference, but for other patients, the results are underwhelming. With a brow lift, though, you're almost certain to get the results you desire. Your cosmetic surgeon will talk with you prior to the procedure about the amount of lift that you want, and they will tailor the surgery to those goals. 

Con: There is a recovery period.

Recovering from a brow lift is not as difficult as recovering from, say, a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. But this is a surgery, and you will need to lay low for a few days afterward. Most patients take about a week off from work, and the incisions can take two or three weeks to heal to the extent that you're able to wash your face and move about without constantly thinking about the incisions.

Pro: The results are essentially permanent.

With some cosmetic procedures, you spend time and money and get results, but those results fade within a few months or years. With a brow lift, you do have to invest a bit more money and time in the recovery, but you get what you pay for: results that last. You might notice that a little of the sagging returns as you continue to age, but you'll overall remain looking more youthful and taut.

Con: Not everyone is a candidate.

In order to determine you're a candidate for surgery, your doctor needs to be confident you'll heal well. If you have diabetes, poor circulation, or another condition that slows down your healing process, a brow lift may not be safe for you.

Talk to a cosmetic surgeon to learn more about brow lifts. They may even be able to show you a computerized image of what you would look like after this procedure, which can go a long way in helping you decide whether or not you want a brow lift.


11 February 2021

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