3 Signs You Should Allergy Test Your Child

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Your child may not have any idea what is causing his headaches, his runny nose, or his watery eyes, but it could be allergies. If your child has seasonal allergies, it can sometimes be confused with other illnesses. The same can be said for food allergies, or other types of allergies as well. If you aren't sure if what you are dealing with is allergies, or something else, you may be wondering when to have your child allergy tested. Read on for a few signs that it's time to have your child tested for allergies.

1. Your Child's Symptoms Are Consistent

If you've noticed that your child has consistent allergy symptoms, it may be time to have him allergy tested. If he gets the same illness every spring or in the fall months when allergy season is at its peak, it could be allergies. If your child has the same reaction every time he eats something specific, it could be a food allergy and you should have him tested. If you notice the reactions or the symptoms are consistent with something specific, have your child tested to rule out allergies or confirm your suspicion.

2. Traditional Medications Aren't Working

If your child took traditional medications and they still complain about headaches or a runny nose, your child might actually need allergy medication instead. Instead, take your child in to be allergy tested to rule out an allergy. You can also discuss giving your child an over-the-counter allergy medication with your pediatrician to see if this helps your child at all.

3. Your Child's Allergic Reactions Are Worsening

If your child is having worsening reactions to things that trigger his allergies, you should have your child tested. Your child may have multiple allergies, or your child may be experiencing worsening symptoms that could potentially do your child some real harm to his health if not diagnosed and treated properly. For instance, if your child has an allergic reaction to bee stings, and these reactions have gotten progressively worse with every sting, you should have your child tested to be sure and an Epi-pen may need to be prescribed to your child.

If you aren't sure if the symptoms your child is experiencing are due to allergies, you should take them to allergy testing services to be sure. Your child is going to need the right type of treatment depending on the severity of his allergies. Take him in for testing today.


22 March 2021

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