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Everyday life can be hectic and full of stress. After so many months and years of trying to manage your daily life on your own, you may find that you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and unable to face another day of challenges.

At this critical point, it can be vital that you seek out treatment from someone who has the training and experience to help you. You can schedule a visit with a licensed counselor at one of the local health clinics in your area.

Opportunity to Vent

Your stress and frustration can reach an intolerable point simply because you do not have anyone you can vent to. You may likely keep your anger, disappointment, and sadness to yourself. Likewise, you may avoid reaching out to anyone, such as family or friends, to express your emotions and instead repress them.

When you meet with an experienced counselor, however, you have the opportunity to vent and let those feelings go in a healthy and constructive manner. Your counselor will guide you in objectifying those emotions and the events that trigger them. You can put them in better perspective and realize that they may not have as much control over your life as you initially believed.

Learning Coping Mechanisms

Your counselor can also teach you coping mechanisms that will help you keep your emotions in check and help you from overreacting to triggers. For example, if you are prone to panic attacks when you feel overwhelmed, your counselor may teach you to place ice on the back of your neck to divert your brain's attention and energy. Your brain will focus less on panicking and instead pay attention to the coldness of the ice.

Likewise, if you feel depressed or sad about certain events in life, you may be advised to keep a journal. You can write out your feelings on paper and keep the journal to refer to later. This practice may help you avoid keeping your depression and sadness pent up and get them out in paper. You can look back later to learn how you dealt with previous depressive episodes and feelings of sadness.

Meet with your counselor as often as needed to recover from your stress and anxieties. They may recommend meeting every week or more frequently until you learn how to manage your emotions and triggers. Once you learn coping mechanisms and healthy behaviors, your counselor may space out your therapy sessions. Contact a counselor for more information.


23 July 2021

Help Others Make Health Decisions when They Cannot

One day I was playing a game of basketball with a friend, and the friend I was playing ball with tripped and took a hard fall to the ground. He hit his head hard, but he insisted he was okay and just wanted to go home and take a nap. I knew in my heart that he was not thinking clearly, and I didn't feel right letting him go home. I talked him into letting me take him to the hospital, and after some tests, it was determined he had a bad concussion. The doctors told me that if I had let him go home and sleep, things could have taken a turn for the worse. I created this blog to remind everyone to look out for each other after injuries. Not everyone thinks clearly after a head injury, and just being a good friend could save a life.