Custom Computer Glasses Can Relieve Eyestrain


You've been experiencing significant eyestrain lately when you spend time working on the computer. Although you wear glasses, you still sometimes have trouble focusing clearly on text on the screen. You may benefit from getting prescription eyewear known as computer glasses. These eyeglasses have some particular qualities that make them advantageous while gazing at a computer screen. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Eye doctors refer to the unpleasant eye-related symptoms that develop while spending time on the computer as computer vision syndrome.

13 January 2015

If You Are In A Wheelchair, You Can Find Fashionable, Adaptive Clothing


People who are new wheelchair users aren't always aware of all the issues that go into using a wheelchair. One of those issues is clothing. If you are just starting your wheelchair experience, you may not be aware that not all of your clothing works well with wheelchairs. Some of your favorite articles of clothing can become very uncomfortable in a wheelchair. You may start to think that being in a wheelchair might mean that you are going to end up wearing only a few plain things.

7 January 2015

Food Addiction – Wadda You Gonna Do, You Gotta Eat


Food addiction seems very real if you are plagued by it, but most of the world is unsympathetic to this problem. The concept of it being a psychological or medical disorder is controversial, so it would be very easy to give into the frustration and hopelessness you may feel. However, you will be glad to know there is treatment and support out there, and scientific research on this subject is growing. Unique Addiction with An Emotional Component

5 January 2015